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Setting Up, Buying and Selling Businesses

Charles Culshaw and Sarah Taylor have between them 40 years of experience in setting up, restructuring, buying and selling companies and businesses.

Both have a practical approach to this work, both having run their own businesses and Sarah having worked in industry before qualifying as a solicitor.

Creating, buying or selling a business can easily become an all-consuming enterprise, and both Sarah and Charles understand how important it is for clients to understand the process, and the significance of getting the deal appropriately structured, and properly documented.

We can provide you with appropriate Articles of Association and Shareholders Agreement for a company, Partnership Agreement or Limited Liability Partnership Agreement as appropriate. We work closely with your accountants to ensure that the structure is appropriate for you.

On a company sale or purchase, or the sale or purchase of an unincorporated business, we will work closely with you to ensure that all of the appropriate indemnities and disclosures are incorporated in the transfer or share sale agreement, and that property is transferred.

The advantage of a smaller firm in these circumstances is that clients are able to deal directly with only one or two solicitors who are able to advise on all aspects of the business, property, employment (including appropriate disclosure of potential disputes and TUPE transfers), commercial contracts and assessing possible general disputes.

Commercial Contracts

Again Charles and Sarah have many years experience in assessing commercial contracts, including tendering for publically funded contracts, negotiating Key Performance Indicators etc.


Sarah Taylor has acted for many employers for several years, building up strong relationships with clients HR departments.

Most organisations these days have access to model Employment Contracts and Employee Handbooks, and all have access to the ACAS guidance on disciplinary and grievance issues etc.

Sarah’s work tends to focus on TUPE transfers, restructuring and redundancy, negotiated changes to terms and conditions, performance review and appraisal and negotiated Settlement Agreements particulary with senior staff, covering the private, public and charitable sectors.

Sarah has successfully defended many tribunal claims, but is generally focussed on ensuring that a suffficently robust defence is employed to encourage settlement in circumstances where going to tribunal would be detrimental in terms of cost and, in particular, disruption to the client organisation.


Charles Culshaw and Sarah Taylor are both experienced in acting for claimants and defendants in commecial litigation, as well the the “usual” contractual disputes, both have acted in High Court actions in Estoppel, challenges to OJEU tendering process, defamation claims etc, bringing in specialist counsel to advise as appropriate.

Again, our approach is to work closely with our client to explore all possibilities for settlement to avoid protracted litigation which is expensive both in legal costs and in time and resources for your business.


Our work covers all aspects of commecial property, including business leases, and the assignment of leases.

We also deal with land acquisition, Section 106 and Section 38 Agreements, sales of Affordable Housing to Social Landlords and plots sales generally for developer clients.